Duisburg, Germany – 20 September, 2019 – ABKONCORE is honored to have taken part of the API house fair “Home & Business 2019,” held at the old Power Plant in Duisburg, Germany. The Power Plant, built in 1902, was the heart of German ironworks. It housed 10 huge machines driven by blast furnace gas which were used to generate power. 

API Computerhandels GmbH, one of the official distribution partners for ABKONCORE in Germany, is celabrating this year their 25th anniversary and therefore have enlarged their annual dealer event to a brand new location in Duisburg. API is proud of the fabulous 25 years of successful company history. The API “Home & Business 2019” hosted 60 manufacturer partners which are an integral part of the API success, presented their current and newest products to the API dealer and resseller customers.

“ABKONCORE is a proud vendor of API and with their new office and logistics center based near the German border in Maarheeze, The Netherlands, will be more efficient to fulfill product requirement from API resellers and customers alike”; said Rolf Borrenbergs, VP ABKO Europe.

ABKONCORE is originated by a team of PC enthusiasts based in South Korea. ABKONCORE understands the deep meaning of true PC gaming. With the exceptional style coupled with genuine product quality ABKONCORE is the premier global PC gaming brand. 


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